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Rise of Eradication 2014
March 30th 2014
Heart Impaled
October 23rd 2010
The January Complex
March 16th 2010
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Anthrax in RPG 16 bit form performing ‘Nobody Knows Anything’ from the album ‘We’ve Come for you All’.

New Slayer.

Listen/purchase: ROE 2014 by Heart Impaled

It’s released. All 15 tracks and the universe I created through music is complete. You can listen to the whole album off bandcamp, and purchasing is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the support \m/

That’s almost 50 songs now on my bandcamp readily available. I already contacted someone for an illustration. If you like it, please reblog and share with your friends.

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Heart Impaled

Last month. 

Favorite Pantera song!



Most popular track I’ve got so far.

156 likes! Thanks everyone! I appreciate this very much!

That track is up for 45 cents or the whole album can be downloaded for $8.98 from here -

More to come later! 

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'Rotation' - TJC album. Fast heavy awesome track!

Can be heard and downloaded here -

Listen and if you like it please share, reblog it! Thanks for the support.

Metal on \m/

Now that I’m back on track again. I put up a link to all the music related stuff I do up here on Tumblr -

It will be updated pretty frequently as I put up new stuff!

Next to organize all the programming shit I’m working on. I already scrapped 3 game engines. I plan to probably stick to an engine like Unity for a while until I can get a decent 2d or 3d transitioning engine built. The game demo I was making was taken down because I lost it in my hard drive crash.

This is 1,000,000x more frustrating than music ever was. My website will be down, until I got a working framework and such, but for now going to focus on #metal music \m/

You can like the posts you enjoy and reblog or share them around tumblr, facebook, twitter and wherever else. I greatly appreciate it!

One more of “TJC” 

This one is called ‘Harbinger’s Eye’

The entire album can be listened to and downloaded here - for $5.99 (with Bonus Tracks)

Retweet and share thanks! \m/

What is the album about? It’s about the end of the world. And society was thrown back to a barbaric age with technology. The governments are divided and took control of the population by using biblical ideologies to manipulate the movements of society.

They fabricate religious events with technology and science to scare people into order and created a law enforcement and military system that overlooks the remaining population of the world.

A man saved from death became the general of this order and he is nearly an unstoppable force. The story of this album takes place several hundred years in the future. 

The album is near complete, the story is damn well developed. 8 years of putting new shit into this, revisions, ideas. 

More on the story of the album. As it gets revealed slowly. I started it when I was 21 years old. Hasn’t changed much since I was 26 and now I’m almost 30.

Judas and Jesus. They are not the reincarnation of a Messianic family. They are humans, powerful people, extremely wealthy. They are part (Plot twist, my take on Revelations) fabricated by the order as 2 of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Jesus is Famine (Black), Judas is The Conqueror (White). Simply known by their colors. They are inverted to fit their purpose and arbitrary evil. He is a shadow behind the system and only few know who he is. They are politicians, and military men, fabricated war machines and soldiers. Almost at a level of superhuman. Especially the other two (War, Death) who were physically trained or were superior to begin with at a very young age. One was captured in battle and given a new life. The rising order saw him as a threat, because of his expert war skills in a modern age. It was a level rarely seen of barbaric power that they feared he might become the next Alexander The Great or Attila. He was reckless, intelligent and extremely hard to get. So they had to turn his own people on him just to get him. When they gave him a new life he became infinitely more powerful and only memories of war remained. Guess who that is? Yep - War. Because ‘Horsemen’ is an outdated term they are not called that. Jesus is a false messiah, who brings famine with his false Christian teachings and keeps the order wealthy.

2 more cannot stand each other. They have human emotions, and even though they are products of brainwashing. (Something that is called Mindscraping, where they erase traces of human memory and emotion that is considered to be ‘too human’)

They begin to hate each other and eventually turn on themselves. All this happens in the album. And the war is turned inwards.

This universe is comic book worthy? I think so. But I’m just one person with ideas. And this album DOES exist. I was jamming out to it the other day.

This universe was going to be put into a comic book, but yeah. I have zero hope for that now because rarely anyone buys my work. I haven’t given up yet. But there you have it.

All you need is to see it through your eyes.