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Brock Lesnar returns to WWE.

Shorts of a WARRIOR. Two legends of MMA took to the octagon tonight putting on one of the most exhilarating performances of their careers. Not without it’s sacrifices made for such a highlight. Neither man gave up for a chance at blood stained glory. This is a picture of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua’s shorts after his 5 round battle with Dan Henderson at UFC 139. I personally felt that the last round had Shogun winning, however probably due to the need of a definite title contender the victory had to be awarded to someone. Dan Henderson is a perfect challenger right now for Jon Jones in my opinion and I hope that his showdown gives him a hell of a hard time keeping that belt. 

Fightmetric scores it for Shogun. Ten point system scores it a draw. Perhaps one of the greatest MMA wars of all time. That’s what happens when two of the greatest fighters in the world step inside the cage.

Nick Diaz?

Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted a relevant MMA top 10 list, I’ll give an update on who I think are some of the best fighters in the world and other potentials. Some champions fell in the last couple years, others rose to the top of a new generation. Here is my compilation of my favorites.

1. Anderson Silva (Can anyone stop this man?)

2. Mauricio Rua (Still relevant and seems to overcome seemingly impossible odds on a good day.)

3. Georges St. Pierre (Class act, but maybe a little bit too cautious in the octagon as of late.)

4. Cain Velasquez (A juggernaut who steamrolled everyone on his rise to the top.)

5. Junior Dos Santos (Probably the only fighter who can give Velasquez big trouble at the moment.)

6. Gegard Mousasi (Tons of heart and technique. He could be the next Anderson Silva.)

7. Frankie Edgar (Bested Penn TWICE with only one loss on his record to Gray Maynard.)

8. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (A legend. How the hell does this guy keep coming back?)

9. Dan Henderson (Another legend on the level of Nogueira. NEVER been knocked out.)

10. Jon Jones (I’m still skeptical of his credibility, but his record is more than enough.)