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Metal music from a musician with a passion for gaming, anime and art.

Albums self released:

Rise of Eradication 2014
March 30th 2014
Heart Impaled
October 23rd 2010
The January Complex
March 16th 2010
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Episode 9: Jaded Wrath

Eradication Ride.

Cycle of War

Cycle of War

Here is the album on Spotify.

Cover art done by

It’s official! The album is now up all over the place! With more stores to possibly be added in countries that might not be covered yet.

The full album can be streamed on Spotify, downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and many more worldwide!

Cover artwork done by

Follow me on SoundCloud and come listen to some free streams!

Official announcements will be coming soon.

Here it is folks!! New album!

Step into the universe of Eradication. A 15 track ride filled with twists and turns through a corrupted world dominated by a one world government. After the apocalypse, the world stands on the brink of total chaos. Control is governed by fear.

Rise of Eradication Album - CDBaby

Just waiting on CDbaby to change the date to today not in 2010, because  it was not released in 2010. It was released May 1st. Everything else will come after.

The artist nails the concept of the album completely.

Design by

New Slayer.

Listen/purchase: ROE 2014 by Heart Impaled

It’s released. All 15 tracks and the universe I created through music is complete. You can listen to the whole album off bandcamp, and purchasing is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the support \m/

That’s almost 50 songs now on my bandcamp readily available. I already contacted someone for an illustration. If you like it, please reblog and share with your friends.