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March 30th 2014
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October 23rd 2010
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March 16th 2010
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Hey people if you’re a big fan of comics and movies go check out a friend’s videos and hit Like on his page! They do a lot of comics and movie news and reviews -

I completely lost interest in seeing Ben Affleck going toe to toe with Superman and beating him. That sounds more like a comedy now than an actual serious Superhero film. 

As an actor and director I can respect Ben Affleck… as Batman, I don’t think he fits that role. Also, he already played as Daredevil and that alone is going to be pretty hard to digest with a lot of people. But who knows, it’s too early to cast judgment on a film that doesn’t exist yet.

But first, Zack Snyder gets Superman to kill Zod, breaking his no killing rule. Now he casts Ben Affleck as the new Batman, certainly knowing there was going to be a backlash. I don’t expect much from a guy who directed that pile of shit movie about dancing in a asylum.

The most logical choice, as a filmmaker that might have actually gave a shit, that respected the fan base and comics, would have (In my opinion) been Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the best choice.

Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Because of the ability to keep people guessing after they see the film without actually linking Man of Steel and Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy together. Two completely different movie franchises, but people would be talking about it for years without actually knowing the truth behind what actually happens. Especially after the end of Dark Knight Rises.

The plots wouldn’t have come together into ever linking the two, but would keep the fans guessing if they actually ever were. Never overlapping either franchise. And people (ESPECIALLY) real fans who go out and pay their hard earned money LOVE that kind of shit. 

Now we’re gonna see Ben Affleck beat Superman. Yes Ben fucking Affleck. The reality of it is that.

Who is he targeting exactly now? Old casual people who take their children to watch Superhero movies who don’t know anything about comics?

Pretty much he’s taking a shit on this franchise and laughing all the way to the bank.

And with this evidence you’re telling me now that it’s highly probable that the Justice League will star Ben Affleck as Batman. That’s fucking laughable. Think about that one.

"Just there to make fun of Superman" - Worth a post! XD

Deadpool ‘Debut Teaser Trailer’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

Good series. Worth a watch, enjoy :)




Heart Impaled cover artwork done by Geoff Trebs.