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Metal music from a musician with a passion for gaming, anime and art.

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Rise of Eradication 2014
March 30th 2014
Heart Impaled
October 23rd 2010
The January Complex
March 16th 2010
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Hope Anderson Silva starts the year off on the right foot..,. because obviously he destroyed the left one.

I came from nothing, and at any moment, you can go back to having nothing
Brock Lesnar

I actually think that the Anderson Silva VS Nick Diaz fight might actually be somewhat entertaining.

I can already imagine how the fight will go down: Diaz will come to the Octagon half asleep being all hard ass, not touch gloves or show any respect to Silva. Silva will circle around doing what he usually does, and being tricky. Diaz will try to stand and bang and try to land a couple of punches while Silva just ducks and moves out of the way like he usually does. Not even getting tagged once. Diaz, frustrated will start to taunt and whine at Silva. And then the crowd. Silva will just backpedal and KO him with his nipple. End of the fight.

And after the fight you’ll hear a MILLION and one excuses as to why HE didn’t win that fight.

There Dana. Make it happen to the fan kids who still want to see this schmuck actually still fight.

Good news either way. Yet odd circumstances. Dumb ass Overeem!