Jon Shrapnel Cruz

Metal music from a musician with a passion for gaming, anime and art.

Albums self released:

Rise of Eradication 2014
March 30th 2014
Heart Impaled
October 23rd 2010
The January Complex
March 16th 2010
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october everywhere else:
-cool breezes
-orange leaves
-chilly nights
-pumpkins and hay and scarecrows

october in california:
-santa ana winds
-palm trees on fire
-90 degrees at 5am
-fire hazards EVERYWHERE

And August is not the hottest month of the year - it’s September.

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You know they say nothing is impossible. That’s a lie.

Of course there is - not offending someone.

Good riddance to whoever feels offended by this blog.

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The Apostasy


The Apostasy (2007)

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Never develop relationships and friendships with people outside of your inner music circle. They are secretly fucking hating on you and are looking at every opportunity to make you feel like an asshole.

I had to reactivate my account to Facebook for a moment to retrieve an old page I manage and pass over administration to it. I felt INSTANTLY negative.

I know how to permanently delete Facebook accounts though, so I’m glad I got that taken care of before I did.

The best way to start something new, is by letting go of those things that hold you back.